Thanks for stopping by The Everyday Gentleman. Here’s how our unique beard oil blends work: 

You don’t need to use too much! A single 1oz (30ml) bottle of The Everyday Gentleman Grooming Oil will last you approximately 6-8 weeks. 

These hand crafted essential oil blends are smooth and warming. Ambient and not overwhelming. You can always add more.

  • First, carefully drop a dime-sized amount into a cupped hand
  • Rub one palm into another, then into your beard (or mustache)
  • I like to start with a smoothing, down-motion followed by brushing upward with my fingers spread out like a fan
  • Let the oil cover and moisturize as much of your facial hair
  • Once you’re done, give it a few down-motions again, patting and shaping your beard to your liking
  • Enjoy the subtle sheen and amazing scent 

The final result will be a very nice sheen that you'll love in a beard oil.

Use it on mustaches and sideburns, too! Go beyond ordinary products that don’t live up to your expectations. Go beyond the Beard with The Everyday Gentleman. 

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